Real Estate Contracts and Municipal Lien Searches

A Municipal Lien Search will thoroughly investigate any violations, permits, unrecorded liens, taxes and utilities that are associated with the property. Even with the increasing sales of foreclosures in this current market, the bank’s title insurance agents are not conducting Municipal Lien Searches on properties.

Municipal Lien Search is an important part of purchasing a property.. Blog Post, Real Estate Contracts, Surveys/Inspection Periods/Appraisals, Title Issues. No Comments. Performing a municipal lien search is crucial when purchasing property in this day and age. In many cases there are unknown.

Paragraph 9(c) now provides municipal lien search parameters. Several tweaks were added to seller’s obligations where there are permit or building code issues as well as other housekeeping modifications. Live versions of these updated contracts will be available through Form Simplicity and other forms vendors on April 4, 2017.

The terms loosely used to describe this real estate based research are lien and code search, municipal lien search or muni search, lien search, and for properties located in Florida, an F.S. Chapter 159 search or Florida Chapter 159 search or a Chapter 159 lien search.

Florida Municipal Lien Search conducts searches for municipal and county liens, unrecorded utility services, code enforcement violations, code enforcement liens, property taxes and special assessments. Founded on the principals of honesty and integrity, FMLS strives to make each and every client a long term, ongoing relationship.

Lien Searches Plus offers residential and commercial due diligence services including comprehensive municipal lien search services, HOA estoppel certificates, property debt research, REO, UCC search, special assessments, open permit search Nationwide lien resolution services in Florida.

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That concludes Part 2 of 2 discussing the remaining changes to the new FAR-BAR contract. If you have questions or are looking to speak with experienced real estate lawyers in Miami-Dade or Broward County, contact Jordan + Pascale at 305-501-2836 or visit us at

I bought and sold houses before but never saw a Municipal Lien Search Fee in Florida before. I am told that the new sales contracts took effect back on September 1st of last year so they are now required. Thank you> The contract will dictate if it is required and who pays for it. If you are a buyer.

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