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The Australian Terrier was shown at a dog show for the first time in 1903 in Melbourne, and was also shown in Great Britain about the same time. The Kennel Club (UK) recognised the breed in 1933. The American Kennel Club recognised the Australian Terrier in 1960, and the United Kennel Club.

The breed is now recognized by the Kennel Club of Great Britain, FCI, and several rare breed associations. In America the Glen was fully recognized by the American Kennel Club and entered the AKC Terrier Group in October 2004 though the hard efforts of members of the Glen of Imaal Terrier Club of America.

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According to AKC Reunite, the American Kennel Club’s pet identification and recovery service, the Fourth of July contributes to an increase in the volume of missing pets. The sound of fireworks can.

Hercules ( Justice x Cailin Bawn) huge, poor movement but not a bad shape. We saw the month old puppies from Justice to Maeve, our first Glen of Imaal terrier, and a whole room of Wolfhound records and pictures. Our conversation ranged from “blue” ( dilute).

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New York, NY – The New Jersey Federation of Dog Clubs (NJFDC) and the Hangtown Kennel Club of Placerville, CA (HKC) have each been honored with an American Kennel Club® (AKC®) Community Achievement.

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