Florida Couple Charged After Receiving Sinkhole Settlement, Selling Home

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A federal jury found a Florida couple guilty of wire fraud after they sold their house to a family with five children and deliberately hid the fact that there was a giant sinkhole beneath the house.

Sinkhole Swallows Man In Bedroom | Archives | NBC News A couple in Florida is accused of lying about a sinkhole on their property to a homebuyer after cashing an insurance check without fixing it.

Homeowners Face Charges for Selling House With Sinkhole Beneath More Kelly Magbee claims the couple who sold her the house knew, but did not disclose that it sat atop a large sinkhole.

A Florida couple have been found guilty of wire fraud after accepting an insurance payout for a sinkhole underneath their home – but then selling the property and not telling the new owners of the dangerous defect. Glenn Jasen, 64, and wife Kathryn, 63, now face 20 years in prison after being convicted by a federal jury in Tampa on Thursday.

The thought of having your home or business labeled a "sinkhole property" is terrifying for most. Thankfully, many of you will never need to deal with selling a sinkhole property. Under Florida law if a property has sinkhole activity you must disclose this information when you sell the property.

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Sinkhole Fraud: Brooksville couple lies about $200K Posted on: January 13, 2016 (via WFLA) Christopher and Kristie Jernigan thought they found the perfect home in Brooksville. They agreed to pay $229,000. Then, sinkhole. But the sellers, retired brooksville police officer Rick Shew and his wife, Frances, kept a big secret.

This is a sinkhole that opened up under a palm harbor home and swallowed up two bedrooms and a bathroom. Above are pictures from the inside of the house. If you closely, you can see the bathtub along with all the kid’s furniture at the bottom of the 10 foot sinkhole.

Hernando County, Florida deputies say a Brooksville couple faces mortgage fraud charges after selling their home and failing to notify the buyers about sinkhole activity.

Selling A Sinkhole Property In Florida. For most people, their home is the most important and valuable asset they will ever have, their most cherished investment. But what happens when sinkhole activity has caused damage to a property? Can a property owner sell a home that has suffered sinkhole damage?